Prevent Lower Back Pain
from Ruining Your Life

Train Back offers an effective treatment plan, tailored specifically for you.
Spend just 15 minutes a day training your back to return to a life free of back pain.

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Proven Training Course for
Lower Back Pain Relief

  • Tailored exercises for back pain relief based on your symptoms and requirement
  • The therapy blends exercises, educational and psychological modules that you can complete from home, without medication.
  • Help you to understandthe causes of your. lower back pain
  • Aid you in introducing preventive measures so that your back pain does not return


Unique Exercises


Of quality video content

Multiple Instructors

Our Team of Qualified Physicians

90% Less Pain*

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How to Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Train Back leverages multimodal pain therapy through a blend of the physical, psychological and educational components. Key features:

Daily Back Training

Each day you will have a new set of lower back pain exercises to undertake.


A fun, engaging treatment programme that will keep you motivated thought your workout routine.

Expert Assistance

Our experts are always available to provide personalized help when you need them.


Through providing ongoing feedback, your therapy will constantly adjust to your needs.


Access to a great number of articles containing information and advice on all areas of back pain.

For All Ages

Whether you're a pensioner or an athlete, you're training will always be at the right level.

What you'll achieve:

The ability to go about your life without such a hindrance from your back pain.

Reduce and eliminate the pain and increase the level of comfort.

How to relive your lower back pain without medication.

Understand what are the major causes of back pain and sciatica.

Stretch your low back safely and effectively to prevent pain.

How to Treat Lower Back Pain

A Therapy Plan for You

Through developing an ongoing understanding of you, Train Back customises its therapy for your circumstances. Whether you're an athlete or a pensioner, you will feel at ease.

Educating You

Our therapy plan doesn't only aim to treat your lower back pain but also educate you on the lifestyle changes you can make in order to ensure that your lower back pain never returns.

Helping Manage Your Pain

Using the latest research in mindfulness and pain science, Train Back helps both your body and your brain cope with chronic pain in a gentle yet effective way.

The Therapy you Need without Leaving Home

Train Back brings you a simple yet effective back pain relief strategy, tailored to your exact pain experience. The right 15-minute workout a day is all you need to get a healthier, stronger back, without medication! Instant back pain relief is as easy as reaching your hand into a pocket. Just open the Train Back app on your phone and you’ll have a personalised therapy plan that fits your individual needs and shows you the right back pain exercises that help.

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No equipment is needed

All you need is a comfortable surface like a carpet, rug or yoga mat. You will need to 15 minutes a day to do this at home back pain relief exercise routine.

Four Common Reasons for Lower Back Pain

A 30-Day, lower back pain exercise routine. A 15-minute, doctor-recommended back pain relief program. As a bonus, this treatment can help with emergency back pains and is safe for both herniated and bulging discs.


Our comprehensive library of expert formulated routines are easy to follow and bring instant results. Just follow the videos in sequence over 30 days and see for yourself the relief it brings.

What Do Users Think?

Don't let us tell you! Read our clients testimonials from around the globe. Straight from the mouths of those who have used Train Back and have reduced or eradicated whatever back pain they had.